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Proceedings had to be halted as, one by one, they broke down while describing how he ruined their lives. "When I heard what the verdict was, I sat and cried," says Barbara. He got exactly what he deserved and he should pay for everything he did. This was the man I used to love, and the father my children thought the world of. My Daddy wouldn't hurt anybody.' "Now I am left in an impossible position.

I hate Gary for what he has done to me, to the kids and to those poor girls. He has left me with one almighty mess." Barbara was 15 when she started going out with Gary, the 23-year-old son of the farm manager at the Horse Rangers Association, a charity which gives children of modest means the chance to learn to ride.

"They will read about the dreadful, sick things that he did to those children and they'll say:'How could she not have known? But to find out he'd been forcing himself on innocent youngsters - that is something else.

It nearly killed me." Barbara could not bear to attend the trial, save for a morning in the witness box where she gave evidence against him.

"He saw himself as some sort of agony uncle, and I, like a bloody fool, was taken in.

He'd go off to drive one of the girls somewhere, and I'd tell myself that it was only because he was concerned for her safety.

Although the charity's rules dictated that Gary should not have contact with the girl rangers, he went out of his way to befriend and "help" them.

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I did remember thinking, though, that her reaction was out of proportion to what had happened. "The policewoman told me that Gary had raped the girl that night. I suppose I've felt sick ever since." Barbara has had barely a night of uninterrupted sleep since then, either.

She has only heard second-hand how the man she loved plied young girls with alcohol and raped them in his bedroom, at the riding school and while returning from trips to London where he had taken them to see musicals.

During the trial, eight victims faced Gary, once farm manager at the prestigious Horse Rangers Association in Windsor, Berks, telling the court how he used his physical strength and position of authority to rape and abuse them, then ensure they kept quiet. He asked what rape was, just like Amy had, and I said it was when one person forced another to have sex. He looked straight into my face and said:'My Daddy wouldn't do anything like that.

She was almost hysterical, and I tried to comfort her.

"Some of the older girls explained to me that she'd had some trouble with a boyfriend.

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