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Distracted driving activities increase the risk of having accidents and in a study, it is evident that distracted driving is a serious problem among teen drivers.The top reason, at 15% of all teen distracted driver accidents was due to passengers.tracked distracted driving among young drivers from 16 to 19 years old for 6 years, the data will surprise you.While the term distracted driving gained popularity in the past 15 years for talking and texting on cell phones, it would appear that the top reason for distracted driving for teens is not due to mobile use, but rather by distractions of the passengers according to this ​70 page report, outlining the surprising data and very real statistics on distracted driving.If the statistics above are not enough to convince you that this is a serious problem, consider who pays the costs of all these injuries, property damages and deaths.Besides the horrific losses to family members and people directly impacted in the accidents caused by distracted driving related accidents, the financial losses involved are significant.The NHTSA data shows that incidents increase into the 20's. The system provided the drivers and their family with weekly feedback.So even under the supervision of a driver cam, incidents still happened and at an alarming rate.

Very much like a speeding ticket or passing a school bus when the signals are on for everyone to stop.

This is a sure way to make your insurance policy premium go up.

In addition, it will damage your vehicle and even if the insurance covers repairs, even after it is repaired, your vehicle will have a diminished value.

Texting on a cell phone while driving has received the most attention as a teen driving distraction, but teen drivers need to realize there are many things in our world today that cause even the best teen drivers to become distracted.

Our busy lives keep us thinking of other things on the way home, our GPS and media players take our eyes off the road and eating on the run takes our hands off the wheel.

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