Alyssa milano dating 2016

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Los Angeles Dodgers fanatic Alyssa Milano is falling out of love with her home team and flirting with the once-lowly Chicago Cubs. Milano (photo inset), a Brooklyn native who has dated baseball players, including former Dodger Brad Penny, tells [email protected] she’s not “happy” with the team she professed her love to in a 2009 book, “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic.” “I just feel that they trot the same team out there no matter how much money they have, who their owners are, or the names on the back of the jerseys,” the “Who’s the Boss? What if Jack started Twitter to affect social change? She became a baseball fashion designer In 2007, she launched her 'Touch' line of team clothing for female baseball fans, and it was a moderate success, having been sold on the MLB website and in various US stores.She has since expanded to NFL, NHL and NASCAR apparel.

She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the US, and has visited Angola, India and Kosovo to raise awareness for various campaigns. “You can’t be upset if the Cubs win the World Series, no matter who your team is.” Alyssa Milano blasts airport for confiscating breast milk Luckily for Milano, her own fans aren’t so fickle — particularly the gay ones that started rooting her on when her witch-com “Charmed” was a big hit from 1998 to 2006. “I’m also the host of ‘Project Runway All-Stars,’ which also has a huge gay following and I love to follow the gays so we’re even! “I like that they haven’t won in so long that you have to root for them,” she said.She was also part of TBS' coverage for the 2007 MLB playoffs, and even wrote a blog for the sport's website.Two years later, she released a book about baseball fandom: 5.

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