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I’ve been a member of Latin American Cupid for a little over two years now, before I even put up this site.

I’ve communicated with Latinas from Latin America, the US and Europe put have mostly used it to hook up with girls in Latin America.

The members that use the Latino dating site most often appear the highest in the member search results and the better chance you have of a Latina single contacting you. I’ve noticed with some Latino dating sites like Latin American Cupid I get the most women contacting me right after I log in and then it slowly tapers off.

Before I started using these sites I thought most Latinas would do searches based on their preferences then initiate contact with men they were interested in regardless if the men were online at that moment or not. Far more women just go to the list of men who are online and scan until they find someone they would like to contact.

First you want to check out the new members and contact the ones that appeal to you before other members try contacting them.

The other reason is the more often log into your account the higher your profile will appear when Latina singles are searching for guys like you.

I’ve been happy with the beauty and the quality of the Latin women who use the site.

Where ever you are looking for women you won’t have a problem finding attractive members.

Most have had a good head on their shoulders and are fun to be with.Since the Latinas on the site tend to be a little more educated than normal you’ll find a decent amount speak English.If you run into any that don’t and you don’t speak Spanish well you can just use an online translator to shoot messages back and forth.The coolest thing about Latin America Cupid is you can start contacting girls before you travel to Latin America and have them waiting to meet you when you touch down.This is especially handy if you aren’t going to be spending an extended period in the areas you plan to visit.

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