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The 27 year old - who promotes clean-living and healthy eating- has received professional chef training, and quite frankly, her food on Instagram makes us feel really hungry.She's also a model, and has hit the fashion circuit alongside former Speaking about his love life recently, Harry told close friend and Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw: "I haven't dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie then did the album so I haven't in a while."I have a couple of candles left still though."Harry previously dated Caroline Flack and Taylor Swift, and has been romantically linked to Kendall Jenner.In his capacity as Zooey Deschanel's helpmate in She & Him, Matt Ward is responsible for more than his share of musical sunshine.Fair enough, then, that on his eighth solo album the guitarist and producer - who oversaw gospel great Mavis Staples' new Living on a High Note - tends toward the gray and drizzly.

Ward – and [convey] that this movie has been overtaken by forces outside his control.” During the editing process, Ward would stop by L. and see how things were going and during that process ended up tweaking his own songs as instrumental versions more suited to the film including a new version of “I’ll Be Yr Bird” and a Radiohead-inspired instrumental from Amnesiac’s “Hunting Bears” that acts as a loud and disjointed flare of guitars that play during a scene when Mercer wanders around a Mexican market in a daze.

More Rain is a musical mood piece that throws an overcast spell on a set of 11 originals and one cover - of the Beach Boys' normally sunny "You're So Good to Me" - that demonstrates Ward's way with vintage rock, folk, and R&B atmospherics.

With his mild-mannered vocalizing, Ward can tend toward the snoozy, to be sure: The quite pretty, vaguely doo-wopish "I'm Listening (Child's Theme)" might put both you and your baby to sleep.

In 2014, when the duo's The Heist trumped Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, M. If he feels bad about being in hip-hop - he's from Seattle - become a grunge act. Come to think of it, that means he's been cribbing from black culture for his own devices since he was a kid. An early version of "Grace" and a tentative sketch of "You and I," a song Buckley never finalized before he drowned in 1997, are revealing as studies in his creative process.

The covers range widely, from a perky version of Sly & the Family Stone's "Everyday People" to an energetic take on Led Zeppelin's "Night Flight" to two earnest Smiths songs.

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