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In 1998 she moved to Glasgow to work for BBC Scotland, and after a period behind the camera got her first job as a TV presenter on BBC Choice.

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We'll try to get this "technical thing" worked out.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the news-induced mental breakdown: became everything I hoped it would someday be. Um, not that I've ever run that scenario in my head or anything... CNN is still a cable news network and cable news is still occasionally ridiculous, cringe-worthy, unintentionally hilarious, harmful... This is not a promise to shut up about them, but it's not exactly going to blow anyone's mind to point out that, hey, there's a lot of sensationalism on the teevee news! Using politicians own statements to point out hypocrisy a la from the rest of the CNN landscape? I just haven't had many of those ZOMG I Must Expand On My Feelings In Blog Post Form kind of moments. There was a time when I felt was winding down and 2011 would perhaps be the last year. Sure, anything can happen, especially with Anderson becoming a talk show host (this is where we pause to marvel at the weirdness of ), but now I think the show is sticking around. Do you realize we might be going through a general election with a candidate Palin or Bachmann?

A part of me envisioned the end someday occurring with an epic Goodbye Cruel World post fueled by an overabundance of Keyboard Smash. I'm certainly not suggesting this show has become perfect, and we should all now go running through a field, singing in triumph. These are characteristics I have filed under Things I have Accepted With A Moderate Amount Of Hostility.

Yet it seems sad somehow to let this little labor of love go out with such an anticlimactic shrug. Political panels that are a complete waste of everyone's time.

As to the question of what's up with this blog, the short answer? Blame Twitter or perhaps alien abduction, but the desire to post just hasn't been there. Otherwise it will likely be sparse around these parts. You can still find my commentary in 140-character bursts on the Twitter.

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