Antisocial personalities and dating

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Have you tried to imagine what it would be like to act submissive and be "humiliated"?

I tried and it was pretty funny and not embarrassing.

Best Regards, The Team However, I tend to date females that are either batshit crazy, or extremely nice, caring, sensitive, and yadda yadda cause I guess opposites attract.

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But yea, this statement is supported by what you just said - you know what you should go after, but you still choose the most incompatible partners, for what ever reason. I guess it's because I know it's going to be short lived anyways. as if that's an all inclusive detail that sums up your entire existence on the planet. Whatever works and keeps people from asking too many questions that they don't want the answers to. There's no way in hell I'll be anyone's victim or let them dominate me, but you knew that already, didn't you Ullteppe.

The cornerstone of antisocial behavior is how it harms and disrupts those surrounding the individual.

An antisocial person behaves in a manner not only negative, but can be a danger to others in society. The abuse can be perpetrated toward other humans or animals.

In fact, almost all their behaviors are intended to hurt others.

They are unable to feel guilt when they offend someone.

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