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Dominant in swimming, agility and balance, he won five out of six individual immunity challenges.He won a Mercury Mariner, for being voted favorite player of the season.— just take a look at how dirty and smelly they are out in the elements and you’ll have your answer.) But it didn’t work once these two lovebirds made their way back to the big, bad city.In our chat the day before filming began on , Ozzy explains what exactly happened on the island (“I’m sure there is a lot of footage that would not be suitable for home viewers, if you know what I mean.”), what went wrong when they returned home, and how he worried producers would bring Amanda and him both back to play against each other this time around as some sort of sick joke.In Episode Two, he suggested the tribe throw the immunity challenge so they could vote out the weak link, Billy Garcia.Lusth's plan was met with skepticism, particularly with Cristina Coria. Following a tribe switch, Lusth remained in Aitu with only one of his original tribemates, Cecelia Mansilla.With five immunity challenge wins in Cook Islands, Lusth became the fourth player, after Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman and Terry Deitz, to win a record five immunity challenges in a single season.Since then, Mike Holloway, on Survivor: Worlds Apart, and Brad Culpepper, on Survivor: Game Changers, have also accomplished this feat. Favorites was Lusth's second appearance on Survivor.

Forced to vote one of their own out, Lee and Oakley tied with two votes against each.

Lee won the fire-making tiebreaker, securing a spot with Kwon and Lusth.

At the final Tribal Council, Lusth was praised for his athletic skills, yet criticized for being a loner.

On Survivor: Cook Islands, Lusth was originally a member of the Aitutaki (Aitu) tribe, which represented Latinos.

Having no particular alliance with any members, he was seen as a threat.

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