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A Scottsdale yoga instructor acquitted last year of flashing underage boys at a bar mitzvah and performing a sex act on one teen has filed lawsuits against the parents of the boys and the police officers who investigated the case.

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"While Arizonans had been facing the most difficult financial disaster in our lifetimes, Governor Brewer had focused her attention on promoting childbirth in schools, helping to fund crisis pregnancy centers -- which are religiously funded organizations that do not serve the needs, honestly, for all women -- and she signed religious protection from contraception coverage, which was used as a foundation argument in the ill-decided Hobby Lobby case at the Supreme Court."We were at Film Bar every third Monday of the month, from January 21 - June 17th (Jan 21, Feb 19, March 18, April 15 , May 20, and June 17) for a pro-choice happy hour! Conference of Catholic Bishops and its anti-choice allies will kick off their "Fortnight for Freedom." Anti-choice groups held rallies attacking President Obama's no-cost birth-control policy in particular and insurance coverage of contraception for women in general.

She said one of the boys slipped her an "unknown substance" in her drink and caused her to lose capacity before she was sexually assaulted by several of them, court documents state.

Scottsdale police were contacted by the boys' parents and Radomski was arrested.

Charles Bunnell ordered a date-rape drug from China to sedate his sex slave on the drive home.

Steven Currence brokered the sale of his land to afford two women.

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