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That perspective involves our sexual auras, outward expressions of one's inner self and sexual emotions, capable of drawing others in.

Sexual auras have been studied and discussed among experts for hundreds of years.

Researchers believe those who encompass the blue aura are actually master communicators of the world.

As it turns out, people who reflect blue auras are able to express emotions toward others in ways others may not see as clearly, whether it's a soft touch that speaks a thousand words, or even a smile through the eyes that instantly captures one's heart. They respect boundaries and commit to someone when they think they've met the perfect match.

Sometimes, you're too busy fantasizing throughout the day you can't even focus while in class. You're so fine-tuned into your sexuality that you desire to be with someone else who is equally harmonious with his or hers.

People with green auras tend to have fine eyes for beauty, and ultimately guarantee their appearance, clothing, home and surroundings are both practical and beautiful.

Don't worry, you golden child, you're going to make a great parent because of your wisdom, charisma, honesty and openness in sexual attitude.

Silver auras are the most revealing of them all: Just like silver, people who are accompanied by this aura show themselves in their truest forms right off the bat.

Unlike someone with a red aura, you may leave out all the intimate or kinky details from your sexcapades.

Pink auras are the most gentle and emotional of all auras in the spectrum.

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