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CC, of course, isn’t to blame, and far from discouraging people from using CC licenses, I think this illustrates the need for them.Bottom line: I haven’t done it literally because I haven’t gotten around to it, but it’s time for CDM to put its license where its mouth is.crystal castles'ın, 2008 çıkışlı grup ile aynı adı taşıyan albümlerinin yedinci şarkısıdo i feel for [email protected] - this entry relates to a vocal interpolation (see timings indicated).Gameboy sounds are hard to get and the chances of getting the same complex sound lo-bat can get is absolutety zero. You must give the original author credi t 2- Non-Commercial. It’s quite a big deal since a LOT of artists are trusting creative commons and this story puts the license to doubt, since it seems people can break it and use other people’s work to look cool or build a hype.

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Sometimes, as with Beck, a well-known or better-marketed artist is using lesser-known artists for purposes of novelty.In the most recent case, part of the problem is people misunderstanding Creative Commons licenses, even though those licenses are designed to encourage sharing.Is Creative Commons a safe license to use, or does it encourage this kind of theft?(Many in the 8-bit collective community at least claim they’re pro-sampling.) There’s a difference in this case, though: the tune in question is Creative Commons-licensed.It’s possible Crystal Castles thought, incorrectly, that that meant "free." However, the CC license used specifically requires attribution, non-commercial use, and that the derivative work be released under the same license — that’s three strikes against Crystal Castles.

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