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Since the KTYL studio had a 30-foot-long glass window facing its parking lot, they often had a drive-in studio audience for their shows.

“They never realized – and I didn’t either, at the time – what a wonderful opportunity was presented to me to be able to make a living and pay my bills while I’m learning my trade.

Buck called this the "watermelon suit", and it was his first real show suit.

It was made by the Los Angeles tailor Nudie Cohn, and was featured on the cover of Buck’s early album "On The Bandstand", and later on the "Together Again" LP.

They got 10% of the take, which was usually around 0 regardless of the size of the crowd, and split three ways. When Buck got an electric steel guitar, Alvis Owens adapted an old radio into an amplifier so his son could teach himself to play it.

His early guitar idols included Jimmy Wyble, the country jazz guitarist of Bob Wills’ 1944-1945 Texas Playboys. Alvis and Maicie Owens had major misgivings about their son’s vocation, particularly since he was underage.

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