Being a late bloomer dating

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They are the girls who have personality, desires and talents away from their looks; the ones you can’t believe are so cool.

They are the late f*cking bloomers and they are the best women in the world.

They are the ones whose curly hair became thick luscious manes and small chests eventually grew into developed breasts.

They are the girls who are beautiful and smart and talented and you can’t understand why they are so cool.

They are the girls who never knew what it felt like to have all boys fawning all over them and contemplating how to ask them to prom.

They are those whose words are worth more than the face speaking them.

They are the ones who were there with the other side of beautiful for a long time and came out on the other side with a fresh perspective.

They are the ones whose lanky legs and big lips became beautiful assets, rather than targets for name calling.

It was a time of molding and growing, developing a personality that could only come from learning to rely on things other than our looks.

They say that writers have to pay their dues before they can ever really make it as a great writer.

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