Bi curious dating service good online dating profiles for women

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Especially because women enjoy different things on social media platforms than men do. [Hence why Dattch lets users upload unlimited photos, Pinterest-style, and scraps the trite questionnaires that feel like pulling teeth to fill out.]We looked a lot of travel sites, beauty and fashion sites, Pinterest.We just looked at what it was that made women keep coming back to them.Unlike photo-based dating apps, Ok Cupid lets you get pretty specific about what kind of partner you’re looking for.

" so we built on that and added a blog of original content.

And since men are the ones who usually initiate contact, most dating apps have to cater to them, logically, to give them a good experience and keep them using it.

But in a lesbian or female-only community, that sort of structure doesn't make sense. Inside your apartment, your favorite restaurants, all the little details, not just a bikini picture of your body.

As Exton's work expertise fused with the pub chatter, inspiration struck.

Women, Exton thought, should have a dating app that promises fun while they're using it, not just on the dates that come afterwards.

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