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Turns out she is a fighter and proved everyone wrong.Looking at the photos of the scene, she was shocked.

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I've never felt safe anywhere, doing anything and knowing he was in jail, I was at peace," said Charis.They found the pan he beat me in the head with, he completely broke the handle off of it and it's all dented in.I had 3 brain bleeds, a broken nose, an injury to my shoulder, and then two mangled and crushed hands," said Charis. Her blood sugar levels, left unattended to for 33 hours, could have caused her to die, let alone with her other injuries."I'm so sick of fighting with people and standing up for myself and no one will understand what I went through for just short of two years," said Charis."Brent did everything he could to try and break me and destroy my life. He made her life miserable and attempted to take any stability or support away from her.

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