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::> CRSinr Of \ CALIFCRNU _j i *-s r SHAKSPEARE S DRAMATIC WORKS. Singer not to express to him very important obligations ; and yet it is not thought proper to affix to this edition the name of Mr. On the 30th of June, 1564, when our Poet had not yet been three months in this breathing world, his native Stratford was visited by the plague ; and, during the six succeeding months, the ravaging disease is calculated to have swept to the grave more than a seventh part of the whole population of the place.

JV/fc THE DRAMATIC WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE; ILLUSTRATED: EMBRACING A LIFE OF THE POET, AND NOTES, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. Notwithstanding the changes in both respects, it would be injustice to Mr. He died in the September of 1601, when his illustrious son had already attained to high celebrity ; and his wife, Mary Shakspeare, surviving him for seven years, deceased in the September of 1608, the burial of the former being registered on the eighth, and that of the latter on the ninth of this month, in each of these respective years.

The family of the Ardens (or Ardernes, as it is written in all the old deeds) was of considerable antiquity and importance, some of them having served as high sheriffs of their county, and two of them (Sir John Arden and his nephew, the grandfather of Mrs.

WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE, or SHAKSPERE (for the floating orthogra phy of the name is properly attached to the one or the other of these varieties), was baptized in the church of Stratford upon Avon, as is ascertained by the parish register, on the 26th of April, 1564 ; and he is said to have been born on the 23d of the same month, the day consecrated to the tutelar saint of England His parents, John and Mary Shakspeare, were not of equal ranks in the commu nity ; for the former was only a respectable tradesman, whose an cestors cannot be traced into gentility, whilst the latter belonged to an ancient and opulent house in the county of Warwick, being the youngest daughter of Robert Arden of Wilmecote. I shall laugh myself to death at this puppy- headed monster : A most scurvy monster !

Of Anne and Richard, whose births intervened between those of Joan and Edmund, the parish register tells the whole historv, when it records that the former was buried on the 4th of April, 1579, in the eighth year of her age, and the latter on the 4th of February, 1012-13, when he had nearly completed his thirty-ninth. I escaped upon a butt of sack, which the sailors heaved overboard, by this bottle ! Swam ashore, man, like a duck ; I can swim like a duck, I ll be sworn. Here, kiss the book : Though thou canst swim like a duck, thou art made like a goose.

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IT has been the design of the publishers, in present ing this edition of the Dramatic Works of Shakspeare to the public, to give the text as accurately as possible ; encumbering it with as few notes as might seem important for the purposes of illustration. According to the testimony of Rowe, grounded on the tradition of Stratford, the father of our Poet was a dealer in wool, or, in the provincial vocabulary of his country, a wool-driver ; and such he has been deemed by all the biographers of his son, till the fact was thrown into doubt by the result of the inquisitive- ness of Malone. purporting to record the proceedings of the bailiff s court in Stratford, our John Shakspeare designated as a glover, Malone exults over the ignorance of poor Rowe, and assumes no small degree of merit to himself as the discoverer of a long-sought and a most important historic truth. Whatever may have been the trade of John Shakspeare, whether that of wool-merchant or of glover, it seems, with the little fortune of his wife, to have placed him in a state of easy competence. 2 Siege for stool, and in the dirtiest sense of the word. Singer, although the remarks upon the several plays originate from the same great source. with tlie view of t-r^ ruling all the important facts ivi ttiiig to the personal history of the great Bard, they have added the " New Facts regarding the Life of Shakspeare," found in a letter addressed by J. But the favored infant reposed in security in his cradle, and breathed health amid an at mosphere of pestilence. This is some monster of the isle, with four legs ; who hath got, as I take it, an ague : Where the devil should he learn our language ? Four legs, and two voices ; a most delicate monster ! With regard to the text, the readings of the folio edition of 1623 have been preferred, in general. Iii die accompanying biography of Shakspeare, they have drawn 1: r-ely from that mitten by Dr. Payne Collie T to Thomas Armyot, and now reprinted in this country. The Genius of England may be supposed to have held the arm of the destroyer, and not to have permitted it to fall on the consecrated dwelling of his and Nature s darling. The disease, indeed, did not overstep his charmed threshold; for the name of Shakspeare is not to be found in the register of deaths throughout that period of accelerated mortality. I will give him some relief, if it be but for that : if I can recover him, and keep him tame, and get to Naples with him, he s a present for any emperor that ever trod on neat s- leather. Do not torment me, pr ythee ; I ll bring my wood home faster. He s in his fit now ; and does not talk after the wisest. 41 Anon, I know it by thy trembling : Now Prosper works upon thee. Come on 3 our ways ; open your mouth ; here is that which will give language to you, cat ; open your mouth : this will shake your shaking, I can tell you, and that soundly : you cannot tell who s your friend : open your chaps again. I should know that voice : It should be- but he is drowned ; and these are devils : O ! His forward voice now is to speak well of his friend ; his backward voice is to utter foul speeches, and to detract. When he had produced his admi rable works, ignorant or heedless of their value, he abandoned them with perfect indifference to oblivion or to fame. No more dams Til make for fish ; Nor fetch in firing At requiring. To these causes of our personal ignorance of the great bard of England must be added his own strange indiffer ence to the celebrity of genius.

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