Bryan redfield dating system

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I have been involved with a woman for the past two years and things have been up and down throughout our relationship with regard to feelings of commitment and stability.

One of the major contributing factors to these swings in our relationship is the differences in our moods.

You would probably sit there and explain in explicit detail how the problem was with her and her mood swings.

Then you would illustrate this belief with several examples of her "flipping out" when she was "stressed out".

But I will tell you as gently as possible the problem isnt with her, its with you. The problem isnt her mood swings, the problem is youre not happy with the way she treats you when she gets into one of her moods.

So youre a victim of her mood swings and at the mercy of her attitude.

I have tried leaving her alone when she gets in these moods only to be accused of ignoring her and not caring.

But lets say youve checked those two things out and shes fine.

You have to ask yourself if you want to put up with this behavior for the rest of your life.

What else can I do to avoid conflict between ourselves when this type of situation evolves?

The first thing for you to do is take your girlfriend to the doctor and get her tested to see if she has a hormone imbalance or a chemical imbalance in her system. It could also be caused by her monthly menstrual cycle.

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