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Addams recalls meeting soldier Barry Winchell one fateful Sunday while working as a showgirl after she had transitioned."It is so difficult to find love as a trans woman because we are so often fetishised.

A lot of the earliest media portrayals of trans women are either in pornography, or they are always portrayed as prostitutes, psychopaths, and punch lines in the movies," she said."Barry Winchell was a heterosexual man — he'd only ever dated women, so of course I had worries. he sat me at ease quickly."We went out to coffee, I'd scrubbed off all my show make-up.

She served in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm as a specialist medic taking care of sailors, marines and prisoners of war.

After her service, Addams went to her first drag show where she saw glamorous performers on stage who turned out to be transsexual women."I was gobsmacked, I thought 'wow it's possible', if they can do it then why can't I? She began her sex transition in her 20s, which ended in sexual reassignment.

She likens the church to a cult."We weren't allowed to see modern movies, listen to modern music.

Women were not allowed to wear make-up or colour their hair," she told Jane Hutcheon on One Plus One."Wearing gold was vanity, so my parents did not wear wedding rings."It was just a strange way to grow up." Discouraged from college because her parents believed "education led one away from God", Addams later joined the Navy.

She is in Australia for the first time as part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, culminating in this weekend's parade.

Found this on Netflix 4 years after it's airdate.

I actually really enjoyed it and have to say, A Trans American Love Story is very relevant to our culture and necessary to have to continue breaking down stereotypes...

So we have more battles to fight."She has taken that fight to Hollywood, where she is an actress, producer and director.

Addams wants to fill the gaps about trans people, who are often represented as two-dimensional caricatures in various media.

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