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Place was beautiful, spotlessly clean and every staff member was very helpful, friendly and courteous.

Great pools and outside bar, convenient secure parking.

A joint collaboration between Monaro Farming Systems and local Landcare groups, SRILC and Upper Snowy Landcare recently enjoyed a strong turn-out for workshops held in Bombala (6th May 2014) and Cooma (8th May 2014) covering a wide range of challenging issues surrounding working in a family farm business.

The workshops were delivered by Lyn Sykes, who brought her 25 years of experience to the Monaro in facilitating countless family meetings and working with families throughout Australia as well as New Zealand, the UK & Ireland.

All the updates will be available on this website within 7 days.

The Holiday Inn Resort web cams are always fun to watch while you’re planning your stay, and our live Pool Cam does a great job of showing all the excitement and activity that happens on our Tropical Pool Deck every day!

From kids at play, to sun worshipers relaxing on the chairs, to the character parade that takes place on a summer morning; future guests can feel like they’re in the middle of the action even while their back in their home towns!

We are trying to develop new features on a regular basis.

Experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean at The Fish Hopper Seafood and Steaks, overlooking Kailua Bay on the Big Island Hawaii.

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