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Some of these contacts lead to phone calls, or inter-net video activity.Once I made an actual in person meeting, but played a charade as to who I really was. I want to break this compulsion to go on-line and find pleasure this way.Don’t expect that you will necessarily fail in early attempts at quitting your exhibitionist ways, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail at first either.Re-channeling a lifelong sexual habit is a very difficult thing to do.It takes most addicts several tries at recovery before they get it right and are able to maintain sobriety for any extended period of time.The thing that separates recovering addicts from active addicts seems to be persistence in the face of difficulty.#chat (General adult chat - The main chat room) #cybersex (Meet others for mutual online fun and cyber sex chat) #cum_fuck_me (Come on in and and participate in and enjoy some open scening fun!

Once I was ordered by the court to seek Psychiatric care which solved nothing!

You get better at managing it with practice, expert professional coaching, and an attitude that doesn’t let shame get the best of you.

If you do fall down, cry for a while and then get back up.

I’m simply reaching out for help to a problem that has spanned a couple decades now.

I am 41 and have been married 14 years to a good hearted – hard working woman who is very loving. Since as far back as high school I have had this emotional urge to be an exhibitionist, I would put my self in positions where I could expose myself (always to the opposite sex) to a various cross section of women.

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