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I had just moved into a new apartment, still unpacking my things and arranging my new room.

I feel so exhausted and decided to take a long shower.

If I want to share or listen to some of the hot new techniques that have been tried since the last party, I'm sure to get some fresh ideas for pumping up the fun for myself in the future.

So, when I heard that there was a new social event being held for kinksters like me in a nearby city, I made it a point to attend.

I stood next to the car handing him the tools as he asked for them....

It seemed as if they were offering me things just to have me around.

Sometimes I would give them a show and I'd notice their dicks getting bigger.

It isn't my concern if you are owned by someone else. I smiled deviously as he blushed and stumbled over his words.

His normally calm demeanor now replaced by a childlike curiosity, which only seemed to enhance his naturally striking good looks.

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