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Chatroulette, a platform which allows you to video chat with strangers, has had many stumbling blocks on its way towards becoming a full fledged business including reportedly losing Shawn Fanning as an advisor as well as having a difficult time attracting investors weary of the site’s propensity for porn and other seamy shenanigans.

I’m trying out the sparser and more confusing interface right now and the first user I hit was masturbating.

Parents who stop reading to their children once they reach primary school are missing out on an emotionally rich time and could also miss out on the benefits of reading aloud in old age, a literacy expert has said.

Comments from Professor Bridie Raban, at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, come as a Galaxy poll of 1200 Australian parents found that just 23 per cent of parents read to their child every day.

It actually looks like it has gotten worse (see screencaps below).

The fact that not much has changed in this latest redesign adds some credence to rumors that Chatroulette was not down voluntarily but in fact went offline in order to patch a security hole that allowed an IP sniffer released by Chatroulette HOF (link: NSFW) to mine data from Chatroulette users.

Reading a book together extends that period of closeness well beyond the preschool years,” she said. Half believed reading was the most important skill for a child to learn.

Nearly one-third of the parents surveyed felt guilty or a sense they had let their child down when they did not read to them.

Just four per cent read daily to their child by the time they were aged 9 to 12 years.It is done in close proximity and reading a book to a child is an emotional arena – it is very intense,” she said.“Children grow up quickly and when they leave home it is done.Up to 83 per cent wanted their child to read more and one in five believed their child was reading less than they did at the same age.Professor Raban said some parents believed that when a child went to school they no longer needed to read aloud to their child but she said reading aloud in old age was found to help with diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

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