Cheyenne dating

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and Brock has brought little Jake to the appointment.

Van's parents won't come to the wedding and have kicked him out of the house but, on the bright side, he managed to arrange a honeymoon at his uncle's beach house in Galveston.At the last minute, the principal arrives, she was booed by the football crowd during pre-game warm-ups-and says that Cheyenne is welcome to come back to school. When Reba takes her aside to ask why, Cheyenne admits that before all this happened she was a role model to the younger girls and that she is no longer one because she is married and pregnant.When Reba explains that standing up for what she believes in was the right thing to do, Cheyenne realizes that it's that action which makes her a role model and decides to return to school.First, Brock brings Barbra Jean into the group, making Reba more than unhappy.Then they begin discussing Cheyenne's situation and Reba comes up with an idea.

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