Child discipline while dating who is maria kirilenko dating

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Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson was indicted for negligent injury to a child after he whipped his 4-year-old son bloody with a slim tree branch in September as punishment for pushing one of his siblings.

The football player, and many others, seemed surprised that police got involved in what seemed to him a family matter.

That relationship is setting the example for how the entire family should be and as the role model and leader, it has more influence that just about any other dynamic in the family.

So, if your relationship has taken a back seat to the kids, maybe it’s time to schedule that date night again, spend more time at the beginning and end of each day connecting as a couple, and if necessary, get into some couples counseling.

I asked my husband what he thought the step-mom’s role was, how much involvement she should have in the situation, and what she should do.

His answers were very interesting, not what I had expected, and guided my decision about how much I could and should involve my husband in the issues between my daughter and I.

The lenient parent gets upset when the strict parent is too restrictive.

So the strict parent gets stricter and the lenient parents gets more permissive until the parents are battling all the time over how to discipline.

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Others, including former NFL player Cris Carter and child development experts, argued that it is a tradition that should come to an end.

The lenient parent has to follow the lead of the strict parent in discipline situations**. If you follow this advice, what will happen is that the two of you will begin to move closer together.

When the strict parent is supported, then he or she can stop over-compensating for the leniency of the other.

The strict parent becomes more flexible and generous in parenting.

When the lenient parent sees that the children are not suffering, and in fact are benefitting from the more firm rules and structure of the strict parent, the lenient parent can learn to be more firm in his or her parenting and come closer to being on the team with the strict parent.

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