Chivalry dating etiquette

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Rewind back to the 1950s and you'd see that dating was an activity for the whole family.Mom and dad would need to approve before you headed out for the night and family activities made up some of your time together.Such gifting, wining and dining seem archaic, but a polite, old-fashioned guy wouldn't think of turning up at a date's house sans gifts.Courtship in older times followed stricter social norms and more careful manners.Opening doors for the lady, thanking the man and putting one's best face forward was the name of the game.Of course, daters still tend to be on their best behavior in modern times, only it's not as expected as it once was.For this reason, we cannot always simply ‘bring back’ certain concepts that were once widely accepted or appreciated, and for good reason.

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The origins of chivalry may be ancient, and not all considered appropriate for modern society.

In the olden days, if you wanted to contact someone, you had to pick up the phone and actually talk to the person, write a real letter or yes, even meet in person.

There was more straightforward contact and less of a guessing game when trying to interpret a wink emoticon -- when face-to-face, winks are easier to understand.

Girls – if you really, really don't like it then firstly, get over yourself, and secondly, just have a quiet word with them at a later stage – politely say that you appreciate the sentiment but you can manage.

If you are meeting your date at the restaurant then a nice touch is for the man to arrive beforehand and check the table is satisfactory and you aren't going to be stuck next to the door to the kitchen. unless it's gone horrifically badly in which case there may be a case for you both 'going Dutch'.

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