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Benson & Hedges sponsored a touring ice show, "Benson & Hedges on Ice", in the late 1980s.

Debi Thomas made her professional debut with the show.

In Canada, a popular brand is "Belmonts", manufactured by B&H in Quebec City.

In the United States, the brand is owned by Philip Morris USA and available varieties include Kings (box), Menthol (box), Multifilter Kings (soft pack), De Luxe (box), De Luxe Menthol (box), Luxury, and Luxury Menthol (soft pack or box).

In October 2012, a "Dual" (dual-flavour) cigarette was introduced, with a user-poppable capsule inside the filter.

If the capsule is burst, the cigarette flavour is altered from plain to menthylated tobacco.

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This branch was acquired by British American Tobacco in 1956.From 1996 to 2005, the company was the primary sponsor of the Jordan Grand Prix team.When racing in countries with bans on tobacco advertising (such as Great Britain, France and later Germany), the team used alternative liveries such as "Bitten & Hisses","Buzzin & Hornets","Bitten Heroes and "Be on Edge" to bypass the bans on cigarette advertising while still promoting their product.This was the brand of cigarettes preferred by King George VI, who was famed for his heavy cigarette smoking.The royal warrant was revoked in 1999 due to a "lack of demand in the royal households".

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