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As we previously reported, Kathy told him their 17-year friendship was over after he condemned her bloody Donald Trump photo.

Cooper later replaced Kathy as cohost of with Andy Cohen months.

In case you missed it, the A-listers condemned the "predator" in addition to saying they weren't aware of any assault.

Although, the Monday night to speak about the new film he directed, but the interview really went off the rails! Then he brings out his "twins" — with none other than Matt Damon as his manny!

For Thursday's episode of Ellen De Generes' chat show, the A-lister opened up about the family vacation where he brought his brood to visit with Chris Hemsworth in Australia.

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And since that evening, which ended with Anderson sitting on her date's lap, the odd couple has been spotted out and about, enjoying dog walks together.

Related: Jill Scott Reveals The Rude AF Thing Harvey Told Her But the 56-year-old starlet was really more focused on her feud with her "fame-whoring" lawyer during her recent interview!

Discussing the disastrous June 2 press conference, Griffin recalled a horrible conference call afterwards with Lisa, Lisa's husband and law firm manager Braden Pollock, her entertainment lawyer Bill Sobel, and her First Amendment lawyer Alan Isaacman: Kathy Griffin is calling bullshit on Matt Damon and George Clooney's comments about Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and assault scandal!

We already know the infamous Hollywood heavyweight is being investigated for sexual assault in the U. But according to the latest reports, he is now being investigated in his own city.

Related: All Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein So Far The LAPD confirmed an Italian model-actress (who wished to remain anonymous) has officially become the sixth woman to accuse Weinstein of rape or forcible sex acts.

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