Consolidating college credits for a degree

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As the days and months progress you may notice changes in our policies and practices which are meant to provide you the best services possible.

We guarantee that you will still get the same great instruction from experienced faculty committed to their success.

Under single accreditation, the Chief Executive Officer of TSTC will be Chancellor Mike Reeser.

President positions are becoming Provosts and leadership titles for other locations may vary depending on size and scope.

You should always check Web Advisor to view a copy of your award letter or to find out if you are missing any documents.

You will also have the option to accept or reject your student loans in Web Advisor.

The consolidation will facilitate concentration and sharing of core skills, resources, and services statewide and provide operating efficiencies as well as brand quality and consistency.

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If you have listed Waco’s code of 003634 on your FAFSA and completed any additional steps requested by Financial Aid you are ready to go for the Fall of 2015.

However, single accreditation will allow you to complete one admissions process and choose which TSTC campus to attend.

Single Accreditation has given TSTC a chance to review all of our process and procedures so that we can create the best experience for our students.

If you have any specific questions please call the Financial Aid office at the campus you plan on attending!

In most cases scholarships can be transferred from one campus to another.

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