Consolidating pdf files

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Finally, the merged PDF file will be opened in the Wondershare PDFelement where you can edit it as you want.In order to delete, add or replace the text in the PDF file, click on the "Edit" button in the top bar.You can combine files (create a single, multi-page PDF out of several source files) or convert them (create multiple, individual PDFs from each source file) directly from Windows Explorer using Stapler.Converting from and to PDF is nice, but you want more? Using Postman and our API you can now merge or split PDF files. Check out our tutorial on how to use Postman to test our API and start editing!One of the biggest advantages of using this software is that it will let you convert the recently merged PDF files into Word document, slides or sheets.If you are combining scanned documents, you can perform the OCR feature of PDFelement 6 for Mac on this document to change it to the edit-able PDF file.

Similarly, you can save more than two PDF files at the same time.

The resulting PDFs will contain pages 1 to 3 (output no 1) and 4 to end (output no 2).

The following command is what your complete POST to split a PDF should look like: With this command, we successfully split our 7-pages document after the third page, resulting in two PDFs (one containing page 1 to 3 and the other containing page 4 to 7).

If you want to rearrange the pages of the PDF file in the Wondershare PDFelement, click and hold each page and move it accordingly. In this way, you can merge as many PDF files as you want. Once you click "Combine files into PDF", a pop up window will appear.

If you have edited your PDF file, you will need to save all the changes in the merged file. Click on "Add files", and then add all scanned documents or image based PDF files you want to combine into one PDF on your Mac.

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