Cop arrests kid dating daughter

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But, if police want to use sniffer dogs to do general searches for illegal drugs at public places other than those mentioned above, they do need a warrant. If you believe police haven’t used their search powers properly or followed the correct search procedures, you can make a complaint.An identification parade (line up) is where police stand you in a line with other people who look like you and a witness points out who they say is the offender. Rights are important but they only work if you know what they are.This document tells you what your rights are when you’re dealing with police on the streets in NSW.

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cop arrests kid dating daughter-15

If you are found to be intoxicated in the place where the direction was given, or any other public place during the period of the direction, you can be guilty of an offence.

A shopping centre is not a public place but is private property.

You may be directed to leave or even be banned by a security guard.

If you think the police are not respecting your rights, you should speak to a lawyer or make a complaint.

If you are in trouble with police before you have an interview with the police, or give them a statement, tell them you want to call the If the police do not tell you their name and place of duty at the time of the arrest – you should ask them for it.

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