Cross cultural dating

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I was able to find this reference paper online, studying the “cultural impact upon the dating scripts, perceptions, and behaviors of college students from the United States and Taiwan in their cross-cultural romantic relationships”.

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What I mean by that is that they expected to be friends first until they knew each other well, then the man would ask the woman to be his girlfriend and if she accepted, they were not only dating but seriously dating.They have lived not in China but in expat China, and expected their Chinese mate to adapt to their situation and not the other way around.This can later cause problems in the relationship when dealing with in laws and other Chinese in social situations. You don’t have to “go native” but you do have to respect the native traditions.Now that many non-Chinese have moved to China and many native Chinese live throughout the world, cross cultural dating has become far more common.For someone leaving mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore and moving to a western country, what are some of the cultural pitfalls and traps you need to avoid and adjustments you need to make?

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