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From direct observation, IVN's interests seemed primarily aimed at development of Silhouette technology, a video / VRML interface, when they took the reins.

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Colony City Society Elements: Before the merge of Colony City and Cybertown, Colony City had a massive unemployment problem which neared 90% of users unemployed, making the main purpose people came to Colony City was to interact with the other users.It doesn't matter if you are chatting from New York City, Los Angelas, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, United Kingdom, Australia or anywhere else in the world.You will be sure to find local gay men ready to connect with with you on Gay Chat Zone.As of February, 2012, the domain for Cybertown and its parent company, IVN, was offline.The history of this site has been discussed in detail by Nadeshda Kaneva as an illustration of the social dynamics that emerge in online communities The Cybertown trademark image are the 3D worlds that it has.

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