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The above INSERT statement is a basic SQL statement to insert data, but you can also use other queries to add new records to your tables.These queries are SELECT statements that pull records from an external source and insert the records into your database.The external database has a Customer table, but the structure isn't the same as your Customer table.The external database has a customer's first and last name in the Customer table, but it stores the address in a second table.

Only customers created after August 2015 are included, but you can also import all customers from External Customer with no WHERE clause.INSERT INTO Customer (first_name, last_name) VALUES (‘John', ‘Smith'); If you remember, the above statement inserts a new record into the Customer table.The data inserted is a first and last name, and we assume that there is an auto-incrementing column that keeps a unique column ID for the record.We're creating a Temp Customer table, because we don't want to import data directly into a production table before we review the query data and sample the information.We mentioned, though, that we also want a customer's address, which is in a separate table.

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