Dating a cyclist

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If having a partner whose brain you can pick about anything doesn't get your heart racing, then maybe the fact that he is also caring and selfless when it comes to a cause he believes in will.2.They're monstrously fit Rick Scott of America's Greatest Race stated that "[p]ro cyclists spend an average of two to six hours per day training" and put "between 20,000-25,000 training and racing miles into their legs per annum".

Cyclists are disciplined, often rigorously so, and will withstand the elements to get their rides in. Cyclists are constantly setting goals for themselves. Your date will be thrilled to share his/her enthusiasm for the sport. According to a 2013 survey by the National Cycle Network, cyclists take half the number of sick days as their public transportation-riding colleagues. Think your date’s obsession with the open road is a little over-the-top? Studies have shown that vigorous exercise like cycling can boost concentration and memory while reducing stress and anxiety. 8) In the face of defeat, cyclists are rather notorious for cheating. 10) Cyclist’s goals are often related to body fat percentage. 11) Someone who is safety conscious has had, at most, one near death experience, and they don’t consider it “great.” If you gleefully recount multiple said stories, you are not safety conscious, you are member of the Dauntless Faction.

These factors translate to a healthy appetite and body that's been sculpted and toned due to rigorous training.

All of that riding around does wonders for their calves, not to mention their iron grip (and may, ahem, benefit you in the long run).3.

The best part is that you'll know exactly what you're getting into.

Coupled with the fact that their energy/endurance is sky-high, all you'll have to look forward to is an amazing (and long lasting) sex life.6.

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