Dating a grieving man executives dating women

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A bit after ending a tumultuous 4-year relationship with someone I’d lived with, I started dating someone I’d known and liked for a few months, “W.” We hit it off very well and became more serious, and he gave me tons of attention in a way my ex never had.We’d have pretty constant communication and hung out frequently. Then out of the blue, in the middle of the night, his father died just two months into us being together.I think at this point I am kind of an escape for him, someone to make him smile and take his mind off what he’s feeling.I feel sad for him all the time and wish he’d be more vulnerable, but I know that everyone experiences grief differently and this may just be how he’s responding.

(I had never met his family beyond brief introductions.) I attended everything with him, giving him space but letting him know I was there if he needed me.So much of his emotional reserve is being used up in the grief compartment. Maybe he feels guilty that he isn’t very much fun at the moment.That doesn’t mean he can’t or doesn’t have feelings for you; it simply means he may not have the means to express them in a way you want them expressed. Maybe he’s afraid he’s going to lose you — this person he felt great potential with — because he isn’t able to be the sort of partner he’d like to be.That your relationship has been affected by death so early on, before you had a chance to create much of a foundation, is tough, but it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.There are three C’s you need for your relationship to succeed: compatibility, compassion and communication.

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