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You’ll discover an entrepreneur is someone who sees a financial opportunity and acts upon it.

Learn about qualities that make an entrepreneur successful.

Follow a Biz Kid on a job hunt—reviewing help wanted ads, filling out the application, and going through the interview.

Hear from founder Jeff Bezos, as he talks about his first job.

You’ll see that a successful business supplies goods or services and makes profit when it earns more money than it spends.

Join us and you’ll learn how to track your expenses, get control of your spending, and invest what’s left over to reach your financial goals.

Join the Biz Kid$ as they set financial goals, and then make a plan to get there.

Learn about opportunity costs and how achieving your goals requires a little sacrifice.

Learn about an ambitious teen who opened a candy store at age 15 and, in the process revived an ailing business district in her small town.

When money moves between individuals or groups it is called a transaction.

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