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For a man, unless he comes inside a women; that sexual chi energy and essence(jing) is lost. I'm not familiar with the Buddhist take on this, but I have studied, practiced and taught the Taoist stuff.

I often get asked about it by men who want to know if it will improve their sex lives (maybe), help them get laid (no), or help with their spiritual or martial arts practice (yes).

I did a lot better with girls before I ever started reading those sites. maybe I don't talk as much about economics with a girl buttt I'm talking about when you first meet a girl and get her number. But if you wait 5-7 she's gonna forget who you are.

It just makes you seem like a douche a lot of times. And most of the advice only works on insecure high school girls. And then you'll say "oh, we met last week", and the instant thought becomes "why didnt you just text me last week, did your bro tell you it was uncool?

and think theres some CRAZY,dark, weird side of you if you talk about your inexperience.. but I have also experienced some really cool girls who didnt care and actually liked that about me.

To me, the "waiting" is more not initiating a conversation and stuff rather than leaving them hanging for you to text them back in the middle of a convo.She is in control, she is the thing that you desire.If you read most dating advice it would encourage you to view yourself as "the prize".IMHO the techniques are simple but not easy, require sustained practice if you want any real benefit, and long term investment (years of practice) will provide (imho) a substantial long term return.I have met lots of men in the esoteric Taoist community who believe that keeping or cultivating this energy makes them more attractive to women, however I've never seen any evidence this is true - I've asked women in the esoteric Taoist community - and most of the guys who I've heard make the claim sleep alone.

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