Dating at 36

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This would compliment them."Super Jew" on our walk back to my train made rude comment number ...I lost track, about his friends having too many children, people who should not. "It's strange to see a woman you went to college with and throw up outside a window from being so drunk, now have three kids."I truly ask you to take a good hard look at that thought I shared with you that he expressed because I think that is extremely telling not only of "Super Jew" but of MOST single men left for me to date. We cannot mature in our relationships and grow from one way to another or consider our partners wants. I need to be with the man who allows me to be me, doesn't have an obsessive need to know from a first date if I will think and act just like he does on these minor issues like organizing my schedule.They understand what is appropriately up for debate in a relationship and what is not.They allowed themselves to fall in love and accept and respect the little differences in their mates habits such as one person needing to be very organized and the other not.PREFERING to have your schedule planned out is a PREFERENCE not a value and should not be a need to determine if you could ever possibly be a girlfriend or a wife.Whatever happened to the days where you really enjoyed the other person so much so, that you slowly learned about them, their likes and dislikes and learned slowly to accept them or change them for the other person to be more comfortable?????I have met single man after single man, who show this same lack of understanding or willingness to experience this in a relationship over and over and over.

Men of my age who are married somewhere along the lines learned and live the ideals of the art of compassion for their mates differences and desires.

Sure, they will SAY they aren't looking for a clone of themselves, but the truth is, if you listen to them when they speak on these dates, that IS what they are looking for. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was losing time...until now.

I thought I was living the dream I was taught I could have. I honestly do not understand the mindset of these men.

In Aron’s experiment, two strangers were brought into a lab through separate entrances and were sat facing each other.

They were given this series of progressively intimate questions.

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