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by When it comes to online dating, it's a lie when someone claims, "I have no expectations." Deep down, we know we all expect something. We think of the most creative headline and start writing a not-so-honest profile because we want to catch someone's attention, and we want to catch it pronto. If you're committed to online dating, be sure to look for something a little beyond looks. You can love someone's looks, but you certainly can't fall in love with their looks. But do not expect the looks to match what you see online.

We come up with a catchy username just to display something memorable enough for us and unique enough for other strangers to click. We never get to see how a potential date really looks like in person. While that hottie you spotted at an online dating site looked like a 20-year-old model, it might disappoint you like crazy when you finally arranged to meet her only to find out that she had grown 20 years older overnight! That geek-looking girl you never responded might look like a fallen angel in person. Even if you're only looking for something as casual as sex, you can't possibly agree to meet a total stranger after one long glance at their pictures.

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