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Next, locate the two 47k resistors that are connected to the plates (pins 1 and 6) of V3.Remove these and, in their place, install an 82k resistor in the position connected to pin 1, and a 100k in the position connected to pin 6.These changes will place the mid and treble frequencies more in the guitar range.Next, you’ll need to replace the capacitor located on the Studio channel’s Bright switch.Half-watt carbon film or carbon-comp resistors are fine for these changes, but I generally use 1-watt resistors in my repairs, as well as in all production amps.

Speaking of the Holy Grail of tone, you actually have in your possession a very good candidate for modification.So if you are not familiar with the inner workings of a tube amplifier and the possible hazards involved, please have this work performed by someone who is. First, locate the capacitors in the tone stack of the Studio channel.They should consist of a 0.01 u F, a 0.047 u F, and a 500 p F capacitor all grouped together.Of course, it will not be exactly the same as a Super Reverb, seeing as how there are other items that are not the same—such as the output transformer and rectifier—but it should be very close.In order to get the most out of your new acquisition, there is one other item I’d recommend checking: the speakers.

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