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Not into meaningless flings, so if that's all you're after, look elsewhere. I'm looking for a man that wants to be in a committed relationship. I would prefer going on small dates that can maybe lead to something serious down the road. We surveyed over 1,000 local singles in Dallas, and the results reveal everything from the best local date spot, sexiest Dallas profession, to which local grocery store has the hottest shoppers.See full results below: To further celebrate Dallas singles, we are ramping up our Stir events in Dallas with more than 10 different events currently planned for singles through October.They made things official over spring break, and they've spent the summer taking turns making the four-hour drive between Dallas and Stillwater, where OSU is located.From Mi Cocina to The Mansion, Uptown to Addison, Singles Dish on Dating in the Big D Dallas, Texas is’s hometown, and we wanted to get a pulse on the dating scene in our own backyard to see just what singles are up to in DFW.

We hopped in the taxi and then all of a sudden I feel the taxi move signalling that we just pulled out of the lot.

"Anyways what should we do" Cam said "Go to the movies" "What movie are we going to see"Nash said "How about the purge 2" Ariana suggested (I know it's not out yet just bare with me here). It was my mom telling me it was time to go to the airport. We just got back to the hotel to find my mom waiting on us with our bags beside her.

"Alright let's go then" I said getting up to leave the room while the others were behind me. I grabbed my bag and headed towards the taxi that was waiting on us to hurry up.

An Oklahoma State football player is now dating a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. An OSU player named Zack Craig caught her eye, the Daigle's friend responded in the only logical way: by looking Craig up on Twitter and insisting that Daigle follow him to break the ice.

The story starts last fall, when Jordan Daigle — who wears the Cowboys cheerleaders' iconic silver and blue outfit and uses the pseudonym of Jordan Elizabeth — was watching an Oklahoma State game on TV.

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