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That sets the stage for what seems like an outstanding final chapter to this season. It’s available on CBS All-Access, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, i Phone, i Pad, and Apple Watch, Roku, and Microsoft Windows 10 mobile, desktop and Xbox One. The Bulldogs have been a presence in the tournament for 19 seasons running.

This is their first Final Four experience ever, though, which gives them a bit of an underdog’s feeling. I think they’re going to win this game.) Gonzaga was already on new ground just by getting to Glendale. The Zags got here by beating South Dakota State and Northwestern on the tournament’s opening weekend, West Virginia and Xavier in the West regional rounds, and a Cinderella South Carolina in a national semifinal on Saturday.

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There’s a lot of juicy narrative on both sides, though most neutral observers will probably choose to side with the team that’s never won a title before.

The Heels’ path to the title game went through Texas Southern, Arkansas, Butler, Kentucky, and Oregon.

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If the Tar Heels can win, they’ll avenge a crushing loss in last year’s national title game, when Villanova’s Kris Jenkins ruined them with a three-pointer at the buzzer.

So this is a redemption shot, and it’s also a chance for Roy Williams to lock in his third title in his ninth Final Four.

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