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These are not natural falls, but ones created by blasting and then used to provide water power to a local sawmill. We didn’t stay long because it had started to rain.

Somehow seeing where I would come out if I were ever to purse such a long bike ride created the desire in me to make it a reality a little sooner–perhaps 2018? The two of us ate for under including a 20% tip. We both had potato salad as the side and could tell that it was made in restaurant and not from some giant pre-prepared tub.There is a small parking area across the road from Springwood Park.From it you can see an entrance to a dirt trail, but there are no signs at the start of it to say it is indeed the falls site.You go under several bridges (the one pictured is my favorite), work your way through a woods and in several areas you can see exposed limestone layers.When we worked our way back to where we started (which was the Veteran’s Memorial Park pictured below), we couldn’t see the remaining part of the trail.

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