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Here are the takeaways: In the world of cybersecurity, insight is key and, at times, absolutely critical.

Navigating this dark and interconnected web is complicated, and for vendors working to develop the latest and greatest in threat protection, Black Hat certainly fits the bill.

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Bobby was on the road to Reno with Quinn and Hopper, and Jax was riding his bike… Has he always had those prominent rear-view mirrors and I’m just now noticing them, or are those new because now he knows he needs to watch his back?

For two decades, the annual conference has been creating opportunities for like-minded security researchers, influencers and hackers to mix and mingle.

Talented practitioners across the globe flock to Black Hat, jumping at the chance to show off their latest findings, research and hacking techniques.

Interestingly enough however, a near identical percentage (46.8) felt as though Wanna Cry was the most serious breach over the past year.

These numbers left us wondering: How can a cyberattack so severe be considered overhyped at the same time?

Rubbing elbows with more than 15,000 security professionals gave the Highwire team perspective into some of the year’s more notable cybersecurity breaches.For this community, it’s all about street cred, and Black Hat prides itself as being the premier stage for the best and the brightest.This year proved no differently, and members from Highwire PR’s security practice had a front row seat on all the action.Those of us closely following that particular cycle will remember how important it was to sort through over-hyped speculations vs. While Highwire we build relationships via phone and email for our clients, there really is not substitute for actual, 1:1 facetime with a journalist.Nina Korfias is a seasoned communications professional with seven years of high tech public relations experience.

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