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In Judges 19-21, there is an account, similar in many ways, where Gibeah, a city of the Benjamin tribe, is destroyed by the other tribes of Israel in revenge for a mob of its inhabitants raping and killing a woman.Neither view about why Sodom was destroyed takes into account the fact that its destruction was planned before the guests arrived in the city, Genesis .Then the angels strike the Sodomites blind, "so that they wearied themselves to find the door." (Genesis 19:4-11, KJV) In current usage, the term is particularly used in law.Laws prohibiting sodomy were seen frequently in past Jewish, Christian, and Islamic civilizations, but the term has little modern usage outside Africa, Islamic countries, and the United States.), are used exclusively for penetrative anal sex, at least since the early nineteenth century.The connection between Sodom and homosexuality is derived from the described attempt by a mob of the city's people to rape Lot's male guests.

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Lot protests that the "messengers" are his guests and offers the Sodomites his virgin daughters instead, but then they threaten to "do worse" with Lot than they would with his guests.Its direct reference is to Lot (لوط Lūṭ in Arabic) and a more literal interpretation of the word is "the practice of Lot", but more accurately it means "the practice of Lot's people" (the Sodomites) rather than Lot himself.The word sod, a noun or verb (to "sod off") used as an insult, is derived from sodomite.When the duo were spotted in London a few days ago, Phillipa was wearing a long black dress featuring a thigh-high split that showed off her endless legs.The actor has reportedly been dating Phillipa for three months A source has told the paper: "He's serious about her.

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