Dating lawchick in gta 4

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If you get dumped, you can try again, although it'll take a while. just was confused that they would have a dating website and cant date them lolbut yeah that health and wanted level is great, the cops r always after me for no reason, thats what really gets my blood boiling in this game!You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest. (Not those hidden abilities you perv) x P When you arrange a date with someone, the date gets scheduled in your phone. When you arrive at your date’s house, you can honk the horn to have them come out and get into the car.Fuks Rice Box, Superstar Cafe***Top Drinking Venues***: Steinway Beer Garden, Lucky Winkles***Secondary Drinking Venues***: Comrades Bar, Jerkov's, Club Liberty Kate HATES show venues.Therefore it would not be advise-able to take her to either one.***Top Activities***: Darts, Pool***Hated activities***: Bowling, Strip Club***5.Alexandra is unique as she blogs about her dates with Niko on her website.Kate Mc Reary: You first meet Kate Mc Reary in the mission "Harboring a Grudge." She becomes date-able after the mission "Waste Not Want Knots." Her brother Packie Mc Reary calls Niko and asks him to ask her out.4.Michelle, a friend of Mallorie, who you have to date as a mission early in the game; and Kate, who you can date or not, up to you. On Lovemeet there is Carmen (Sobohoe), a nurse in S Bohan.Take her out enough times and she can restore your health by phone.

This time around in GTA IV dating has it rewards in the forms of certain hidden abilities.

Like Niko deciding to punch someone out or kill someone while on a date. You first encounter her in the mission “Three’s a Crowd.” After you meet her, you have the option of calling her and asking her out, or waiting for her to call you. She is also unlockable after you complete the “Out of the Closet” mission. Alexandra Chilton: Alexandra is contacted via the website She is available to date like Kiki and Carmen after the “Out of the Closet” mission.

All you have to do to call her up is look her name up in your phone book and give her a call! She is unlock able after you complete the “Out of the Closet” mission. Like Carmen, you must log onto the internet, and contact her via the love-meet website. You must log onto the internet and then click on the ad for

Reply positively and you'll get a appointment arranged. I haven't tried it but a Walkthrough/FAQ said this is how it goes so, why not give it a go, Triple DX ? There are 2 girls you come into contact with as part of the game.

There should be an e-mail from the girl you clicked on the Lovemeet website.

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