Dating leads to bad grades

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Projecting the findings on grade-point average across all three years of middle school, a one-point increase on the four-point bullying scale was associated with a 1.5-point decrease in GPA for one academic subject (e.g., math) — a very large drop.

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"Students who are repeatedly bullied receive poorer grades and participate less in class discussions.

Anxiety was also a top factor that negatively impacted students’ academics.“If students are feeling a lot of anxiety, I think it’s really, really good and sometimes very helpful to just come in and talk that through,” Gray-Belcher said.

“Sometimes just having a different perspective from someone you won’t see on a daily basis – it’s not a friend, it’s not a professor – but coming in a talking to a professional is helpful because they may be able to point out if it’s typical anxiety that is only going to be around for now or clinical type anxiety that they may need additional counseling for or even psychiatric medication to help them to be able to deal with that.”Sleep difficulties were the second biggest hindrance to academic success for surveyed students.

Billington is a student with two jobs and an independent side project.

He named getting enough sleep as the biggest challenge for college students trying to maintain good health.“I’m fighting hard to fit sleep in,” he said.

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