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I didn't even realise until he began to smoke very heavily that he had a problem and it started to affect our relationship. We have broken up numerous times over the last six years.Every row comes down to the cannabis - Duncan's moody and antisocial; we have had a few violent fights and the police have been involved on a few of the worst occasions.Sarah will read every letter but regrets that she cannot reply to them individually.* Feel free to contribute to the debate on any of the topics covered in the column.

The most loving thing you could do is to let each other go, certainly until you are both in a more stable position to have a healthy relationship.You need to re-discover your inner confidence, be firm and take control.If you don’t then things are only likely to get worse.I genuinely believe Duncan is not a bad person, but is heavily affected by a habit that has been ongoing since he was 14. He went to counselling but stopped going as he found it upsetting talking about his family history, the only friends he has left do it, and his family seem to have given up on him.His parents bought him his house and he's growing weed for extra cash.

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