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The real question is: "What makes me the same as everyone else." Well, I am human, male, live on Earth; things like that.

You will know Tickle as the first company to combine consumer insight with state-of-the-art digital technology to generate personality reports uniquely positioned to offer outstanding results.

None of the intellectual abilities is more important than any of the others.This can especially be the case if the Sun (ruler of Jupiter) would square Saturn as this would dampen the creative self-expression of Tickle Matchmaking.But, as we have no exact date of foundation we are not sure of the exact position of the Sun in Pisces or early Aries.Uranus is posited at 29° Aquarius, a very visionary degree.Jupiter is retrograde in Leo and points to successful endeavors that may reverse due to over-optimism and misjudgments.

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