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For example, if you like a woman with a curvaceous physique or a man with a good sense of style, you’ll seek out these traits in a potential date.

In the same way with SEO, when you’re looking for a potential backlinking partner, you’ll look for a site that has good “style” (in terms of its color scheme, uniqueness and readability), as well as an absence of physical detractors – in this case, ads.

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Using trust symbols and user testimonials on your site, in addition to generating positive user reviews around the web are the keys to developing a healthy, honest relationship with your visitors.In the spirit of Valentines Day, we wanted to share the surprising similarities between dating and SEO.In the dating world, when you start looking for a potential mate, you look for someone who’s in good shape and has specific physical appearance characteristics that appeal to you.Hitting up the bars to look for dates might seem like the furthest possible thing from performing keyword research or building links back to your site.But when you take a closer look, the two have some common characteristics.

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